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Indianerbananenfest 19.9.2020
3 x Yucca baccata 25/30cm dm - BIO
1 x Yucca baccata green 70cm
3 x Yucca aloifolia 60/70cm - BIO
2 x Yucca faxoniana 60/70cm - BIO
5 x Yucca gloriosa 90/100cm
1 x Yucca elephantipes variegata 180cm
1 x Yucca filifera 80/100cm
4 x Yucca brevifolia 90cm
3 x Yucca baccata 100/110cm
2 x Yucca elephantipes 180/200cm
3 x Yucca faxoniana 90/110cm - BIO
2 x Yucca baccata 15/20cm dm - BIO
4 x Yucca glauca 50cm
6 x Hesperaloe parviflora 70/80cm
9 x Yucca gloriosa 160cm
4 x Yucca carnerosana 50/60cm - BIO
7 x Yucca aloifolia variegata 100cm, trunk 30cm
7 x Aucuba japonica 40cm - BIO
5 x Cedrus deodara pendula 120/140cm
3 x Araucaria araucana 25/30cm
3 x Ginkgo biloba "Pyramidalis"40cm
3 x Photinia fraseri variegata 70cm
4 x Araucaria araucana 40cm
3 x Magnolia grandiflora "Gallisoniensis" 90/100cm
3 x Magnolia grandiflora "Gallisoniensis" 50/60cm
1 x Cupressus sempervirens 90cm
7 x Coryllus avellana pendula 150cm
5 x Araucaria araucana 60/70cm
8 x Albizia julibrissin Summer chocolate 140cm
5 x Catalpa bignonioides 60cm - BIO
1 x Nandina domestica 80/90cm
1 x Nandina domestica 110cm
1 x Nandina domestica 50/60cm
3 x Chitalpa x tashkentensis 60cm
4 x Albizia julibrissin 180cm
1 x Photinia fraseri 80/90cm
1 x Pyrus pyrifolia "Konsui"- Nashi 180cm
2 x Asimina triloba veredelt "Overleese" 70/80cm
2 x Asimina triloba 25/30cm - BIO
2 x Prunus salicina "Oblinaja" 140/160cm
4 x Yucca gloriosa variegata 20/25cm - BIO
2 x Eleagnus ebbingei 60/70cm
1 x Eleagnus ebbingei "limelight" 60/70cm
3 x Agave mitis 30cm dm - BIO
3 x Agave neomexicana 15cm dm - BIO
3 x Brahea armata 70/80cm (20cm trunk)
3 x Agave lechuguilla dm 15m - BIO
3 x Acca sellowiana 120cm
2 x Agave ovatifolia dm 30cm - BIO
5 x Butia capitata 200cm (30cm trunk)
1 x Agave filifera sp. schidigera 30cm dm - BIO
2 x Bismarckia nobilis 160cm
4 x Carissa macrocarpa 30cm - BIO
4 x Chamaerops humilis 130cm
3 x Arbutus unedo 70cm
3 x Agave ovatifolia dm 50/60cm
7 x Butia eriospatha 160cm (25cm trunk)
4 x Casimiroa edulis - Zapote 140/150cm
6 x Dracaena draco 100/120cm
4 x Agave attenuata 60cm
4 x Agave havardiana 15cm dm - BIO
2 x Chamaerops humilis var cerifera 70/80cm
2 x Chamaerops humilis var cerifera 40cm - BIO
2 x Agave utahensis 5/10cm dm - BIO
4 x Araucaria angustifolia 140/160cm - BIO
2 x Chamaerops humilis var cerifera 70cm
3 x Yucca baccata green 110cm
1 x Yucca faxoniana 15/20cm
2 x Yucca gloriosa Bright Star dm 40cm
4 x Eugenia myrtifolia 20/30cm - BIO
1 x Yucca rostrata 110cm
1 x Sorbus domestica 70cm
3 x Yucca rostrata 130/140cm (trunk 30cm)
2 x Olea europae - Olive tree 260-290cm - fat trunk
1 x Diospyros kaki "O Gosho" 180/200cm
1 x Indianerbanane-Fruchtaufstrich 212g *BIO
1 x Minikiwi-Fruchtaufstrich 212g
1 x Minikiwi-Fruchtaufstrich 106g
1 x Granatapfel-Fruchtaufstrich 106g - BIO
3 x Indianerbanane-Fruchtaufstrich 106g *BIO
1 x Dirndl-Fruchtaufstrich 106g - BIO
2 x Feigen-Fruchtaufstrich 212g - BIO
2 x Granatapfel-Fruchtaufstrich 47g - BIO
1 x Chinesische Dattel - Kompott 106g - BIO
1 x Chamaerops humilis var cerifera 90cm
2 x Trachycarpus fortunei multitrunk150cm, trunk 35cm
2 x Olea europae - Olive tree 280cm
6 x Dracaena draco 160cm
2 x Trachycarpus fortunei 180/200cm, trunk 80cm
5 x Eugenia jambos 200cm
4 x Puya coerulea
5 x Trachycarpus wagnerianus 140cm, 50/60cm trunk
2 x Chamaerops humilis 80cm - BIO
4 x Dracaena draco 70cm - BIO
3 x Cycas rumphii 70/80cm
3 x Furcraea selloa marginata 30cm - BIO
3 x Musella lasiocarpa trunk 20cm, total 70cm
3 x Annona cherimola 140cm - BIO
3 x Eugenia myrtifolia 100/120cm
2 x Bismarckia nobilis 120cm
3 x Eugenia uniflora 150cm
1 x Eugenia uniflora 20cm - BIO
3 x Agave havardiana 30/40cm dm
1 x Chamaerops humilis var. vulcano 130cm
1 x Ceratonia siliqua - Carob tree 30/40cm - BIO
2 x Agave neomexicana 30cm dm
3 x Agave neomexicana 25/30cm dm - BIO
4 x Agave havardiana 25/30cm dm - BIO
2 x Yucca gloriosa variegata 50cm
1 x Agave neomexicana 15 seeds
1 x Hesperaloe parviflora 15 seeds
1 x Manfreda maculosa x virginica F2 15 seeds
1 x Thevetia peruviana yellow 80/100cm - BIO
2 x Thevetia peruviana orange 80/100cm - BIO
3 x Dioon spinulosum 60/70cm - BIO
1 x Dioon edule 40/50cm - BIO
1 x Geschenk-Gutschein 10 Euro
1 x Winter Fleece 1,5x2,4m
2 x Plant protection cover 1,4x2m
2 x Yucca rostrata green 60cm
2 x Yucca pallida 60cm - BIO
2 x Yucca thompsoniana 130cm trunk 30cm
3 x Yucca gloriosa 30cm - BIO
2 x Cupressus sempervirens 140cm
1 x Yucca rostrata 50cm
1 x Phoenix canariensis 180/200cm
Net Value: 33.375,44EUR
+ VAT: 4.319,56EUR
Total: 37.695,00EUR
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All prices are in Euro including taxes (plants 13% VAT, fruits 10%, others 20%).

Additionally to the product price we calculate a sum for delivery. This delivery costs will be shown during ordering.

The delivery costs are dependent on the weight of products. The delivery costs of products which will be sent together in one package can be cheaper than single orders.



All goods are generally dispatched on the next monday or tuesday after receiving payment. Large quantities by goods haulage or air freight. Where necessary delivery may be made in several consignments.

Delivery of plants is only possible into the countries of the European union.


Costs of delivery and packaging

The shipping charges are dependent on the country of destination and the weight of products.
Plants bigger than 120cm will be sent by goods haulage , costs of delivery after request.


up to 2kg 4,75 Euro

up to 4kg 6,78 Euro

up to 10kg 9,94 Euro

up to 20kg 15,71 Euro

up to 29kg 17,97 Euro


Germany, Italy, Slowakia, Slowenia, Czech Republic, Hungary - not possible at the moment

up to 2kg 15,73 Euro

up to 4kg 17,26 Euro

up to 10kg 21,78 Euro

up to 20kg 33,09 Euro

up to 29kg 44,50 Euro


Belgium, Danmark, France, Greece, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, Croatia, Sweden: - not possible at the moment

up to 2kg 15,73 Euro

up to 4kg 17,26 Euro

up to 10kg 21,78 Euro

up to 20kg 33,09 Euro

up to 29kg 44,50 Euro


Large quantities (more than 29kg) will be sent by goods haulage or where necessary delivery may be made in several consignments. Prices on request.

If the customer specified a wrong/incomplete address (e.g. wrong city code, wrong house number, etc.), the additional costs for the delivery will be charged at the expense of the customer



All articles are generally dispatched until the next monday or tuesday after receiving of payment. 

In winter, during deep temperatures, delivery is not always savely possible. In this case we will wait with delivery until warmer temperatures.  We will inform you concerning the time of delivery.

A longer time of delivery or delivery on a specific date is possible on reuqest.


Damaged or lost shipments

Shipping and importation are at your risk and expense. Costs incurred through import duties, inspection charges, treatments and the like are solely your responsibility. Damage to, or partial loss of shipments must be noted on receipt by the deliverer on the shipping documents.




Payment in advance by the use of paypal or money transfer. In Austria also delivery by cash on delivery is possible (please notice, that for the service cash on delivery 4,20 Euro will be calculated additionally to te delivery costs).

Pick up by the customer from our nursery in Guntramsdorf is on request possible.


Reservation of ownership

Goods remain in our ownership until full payment is made.